Developing yourself for leadership


At GOW Recruitment we meet a lot of people who aspire to become a leader of people and if not position themselves to excel in their area of expertise. Both of these require you to make good decisions and be aware of how you communicate, your strengths, weaknesses and why you do certain things.

To make the move into leadership or improve in a current role the first step is improving yourself. In essence it starts with personal leadership.

Leadership is different now. The command and control style is slowly being replaced by a more inspirational style of leadership that can elicit creativity in others as well as better manage in volatile, complex and uncertain environments.

Developing our own leadership has become more important than ever, no matter what job we have. How we can optimise our brain performance when we make decisions, navigate through change, manage our stress or collaborate with others?

It is time to re-think our approach to leadership not only when it comes to leading ourselves but also when we lead teams and organisations.

An ever-changing business landscape requires new ways of looking at how we do things and reflect on the new abilities required to adapt to it.

With all these changes, new concepts and models are emerging and one tool GOW Recruitment have become aware of is the “i4 Model”, developed by scientist and leadership expert Silvia Damiano from the About my Brain Institute.

“The ‘i4 Neuroleader Model‘ proposes a novel approach of looking at leadership, and a more cost-effective way to reawaken the leadership powers within us, by first identifying our inner abilities and then learning how to use them more effectively.”

Over the last few decades, leadership development tools were often the privilege of a select few, offered to assist people in organisations to improve the skills thought to be necessary in order to be an effective leader of others. These tools were typically offered only after individuals found themselves in leadership roles—with development on a parallel track with the existing demands of leading a team.

The demands of today’s innovation-era economy and the growing number of GenY/Millennial workers are actually creating a unique opportunity for all of us to embrace and develop our own personal leadership.

So if you want to understand more about i4 and how this simple and affordable tool can help you in your career you can visit or call Andrew Gemmell at GOW Recruitment on 03 9604 4815 for further information.

Silvia Damiano, Founder & CEO, aboutmybrain