For recruitment consultants (including talent acquisition) are you engaged?


In recruitment, the best outcomes for people (recruiter, hiring manager and people looking for work) are not always finding someone a new opportunity. Obviously, that is an ultimate outcome which solves a problem for a company and offers new opportunity for a person. Then there is the feeling of accomplishment for the internal or external recruiter. Yes, there is a financial outcome as well, whether you are an external recruitment consultant or internal recruitment consultant. Some value is attached to the process.

Ultimately though there is one subconscious feeling you should carry with you, whilst going through the process of recruitment. The feeling of engagement.

Is the hiring manager engaged with you, your process, value proposition and the outcomes you are presenting? Equally, are you engaged with the hiring manager where there is genuine interest in their problems, challenges and future opportunities to help their business? Are you engaged to the point you think about and reflect on the nuances that present themselves to help someone?

Equally with people looking for opportunity, this is important, albeit it can be more transient. The people market moves quickly! Even if you are in the moment and offer advice, which doesn’t involve you as the best option for them (think a referral), it is still a form of engagement. How long that engagement lasts is up to how much value is in it, equally, for both parties. But it must be genuine. When dealing in volume it can be physically and emotionally impossible to have this level of engagement with everyone.

As a disclaimer it is worth mentioning that perception will change from one person to another. You won’t always get it right in someone’s eyes, or there will be skepticism. That’s life though and you have to manage for this.

If you want to attract and lure talent, don’t make it transactional.

Provide feedback, be organised for the interview, be prepared, as a company be ready to explain your value propsition and your culture and don’t assume anything. Afterwards….provide more feedback!

Engagement will bring you value everyday if it’s genuine.