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Our Relationship Management & Sales Team

Rob Hudson

Manager | Front Office
Corporate & Business Banking

Relationship Management & Sales roles are the cornerstone of the GOW Recruitment business, being regarded as market leaders in this field.

We have a very experienced Front Office Banking Team in place in Sydney and in Melbourne with a deep understanding of their market. They specialise in supplying professional Relationship Management and Sales roles in the specialist sectors on a permanent basis drawing from GOWs extensive database of top quality talent.

This specialist sector has aided to the success of the GOW Recruitment business since inception with having a high reputation for our exceptional sourcing techniques and ability to attract high quality candidates. Many of our consultants have over 10 years of experience in this sector. As a result, they have historically strong relationships with our business partners.

Our business partners know they can rely on the Front Office Banking Team to provide in-depth knowledge on the market and to exceed the expectations of professionalism within the business and the candidates that are sourced.

Below are examples of the specialist sectors the Front Office Banking Team service.

  • Retail Banking
  • Business / Commercial Banking
  • Corporate & Institutional Banking
  • Transactional Banking
  • Trade Finance
  • Asset Finance
  • Wealth
  • Private Banking
  • Financial Planning
  • Insurance

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